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Riglabs Collective
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Riglabs Collective is an initiative by Zilicon Technologies Private Limited which focuses on Academic Sector. All the team members and Company co-founders are in the academic sector, having handled more than 400 events in various domains since 2016. The extreme resonance of the passion of team members in tech and academic fields was the core reason for the establishment of the community.

Students can construct their domain-specific platform profiles through events such as workshops, hackathons, bootcamps, and level-based learning systems. The Riglabs Collective creates a public profile for the student community based on their work and upskilling performance, which any third party can use to research the student community skill sets.

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Why Students Choose Us

We Offer The Best Carrier Development

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Real Time Projects

Students will be enabled to work on industry grade projects according to their domain.

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Public Portfolio

Students will get an opportunity to share their work according to their domain.

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Experience Certificate

At the end of the curriculum, students can avail experience certificate with a letter of recommendation according to their domain.

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Students Engaged
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Learning Session
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Events Conducted
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Global Events Hosted
Why Choose Us

What we have accomplished so far

We have taken almost over 400 events in total in the past 06 years. Ranging over 14,000 students engaged and more that 5,000 work hours of active learning sessions has been taken.

Trusted by many

Since 2016 till date; events for Cyber Security conducted was 204. For 3D & Immersive Technologies, 74. For Electronics, 63. For Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, 39 and for Photography, it is 21.

Resource and support

With more than a dozen, Memorandum of Understanding signed with various communities, educational institutions & government entities; resources are practically unlimited.

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Meta, Inc. SparkAR Global Hackathon

We have conducted 02 supporting events to global hackathons from Meta, Inc. on Augmented Reality. In 2022, HackARthon was conducted. In a total of 04 days, 03 days were dedicated to enabling the participants towards learning sessions, ideating & networking their knowledge on augmented reality. On the final day, a hackathon called, HACKARTHON, was conducted lasting for 24 hours.

The fact that still make us proud of the event was, all the participants were blank and very new to the technology and were not having any background knowledge on 3D and Augmented Reality. This was Kerala’s first ever Augmented Reality Hackathon conducted.

27 global winners
80 trained in both events
3.3% of global winners
Prize of $23,000 was won
Riglabs Collective

Our EdNet Platforms

Cyber Security
Nixie_Bytes SecTeam

Explore & Learn in the field of Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

Immersive Technologies

Explore & Learn in the field of AR, VR, MR, XR, Game Development

Hobby Club

Explore & Learn in the field of Robotics, IOT, UAV, Embedded System.

Artificial Intelligence
Trivian AI

Explore & Learn in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning


How Does Riglabs Collective Work?

Choose Your Domain

Choose your domain according to your interest and passion. Choose the one that best suits you!

Learn Your Skills

You will learn the skills from Industrial Professional & Mentors trough Sessions, BootCamp, Workshop.

Build Your Portfolio

It's the time for build your professional portfolio for showing your skills In front of society.

Memories Bring Back Memories

Explore Past Events